There is an abundance of stunning, critically acclaimed film regularly being released from countries not renowned for their cinematic prowess, that often goes unnoticed - our World Series will be screened on the 2nd Tuesday of the month - highlight and aim to showcase the very best of these, encompassing all manner of movie styles, flavours and subjects. A bespoke collection of the very best that global cinema has to offer, chosen for your enjoyment.

Here at NCC we are constantly striving to bring film fans the widest range of top drawer cinema, from every possible cinematic angle. As such, we proudly present you with our selection of film seasons and themed movie genres, carefully chosen to bring you the widest spectrum of great motion picture, designed to cater for all tastes, ages and audiences.

NCC’S scheduled screenings begin the 1st weekend in every month with Friday Fright Night and will follow the same pattern monthly, so have a look at at our different threads to familiarise yourself with the different film seasons, colour codes, allocated screening days and times.