Timeless performances, trailblazing films, true Hollywood royalty. NCC's Matinee Idols / Silver Screenings season acknowledges the era from the 30s to the late 50s when lead actors and actresses became stone cold stars, a period of 30 years or so when the big Hollywood studios could do no wrong, firing out movies rich in atmosphere, wit and verve, underpinned by utterly assured central performances.  

We will bring you the very cream of these incredibly important pictures,seldom enjoyed on the big screen, as we look at the very best work of the original kings and queens of the silver screen.

Here at NCC we are constantly striving to bring film fans the widest range of top drawer cinema, from every possible cinematic angle. As such, we proudly present you with our selection of film seasons and themed movie genres, carefully chosen to bring you the widest spectrum of great motion picture, designed to cater for all tastes, ages and audiences.

NCC’S scheduled screenings begin the 1st weekend in every month with Friday Fright Night and will follow the same pattern monthly, so have a look at at our different threads to familiarise yourself with the different film seasons, colour codes, allocated screening days and times.